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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer

About this site

DP is my effort to support and promote this awesome software for novice and professional users alike.
I’ve used all of the pro-level music software out there, and I simply like DP the best.

MOTU is a small, privately owned company which faces formidable competition against well funded heavyweights such as Apple and Digidesign.
Yet despite this incredibly competitive landscape, MOTU continues to advance their flagship music creation software, Digital Performer,
and complement DP in recent years by releasing other Virtual Instruments such as Motu Ethno, MX4 and Mach Five.

The 1084 pages of Owner’s Manual that ship with DP 7 are extremely helpful,
but no owner’s manual is perfect [like the manual for my new DVD player–totally useless!] especially for music software.

Sometimes users simply need more information to figure out how a certain feature works.
Or they need to see it presented in a different manner.
So hopefully the tips here will help someone out.

This site is not some sleazy attempt to get you to buy anything.
It’s a labor of love for Digital Performer and not a cash cow for me.
I show some Google Adsense ads to help offset the cost of web hosting.
If readership grows to justify display ads from sponsoring advertisers, I would consider that–but only very tasteful and very targeted stuff.  My focus is on giving you helpful content and not stupid crap to click on.

In each entry, all photos are clickable for viewing in high resolution, in case you can’t see enough detail in the photo as presented with the text.

Also–if a photo is blocked by the right sidebar, just widen your browser window to make more room.

Since this site is hand built by me, it will be built slowly.
I’m a working composer and father of 3 young children, so the content will be slow growing.

Feel free to contact me if you have a DP tip you would like to see added to our database.

I highly recommend Motunation as the best web resource for fast answers to your DP questions.
Join that forum today! It’s filled with super smart and helpful folks, including a few
MOTU employees who generously contribute periodically.

My best wishes,

Charles Parente

September 20, 2009