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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer

How to find a key command-Quickly!

[DP7 Manual reference: Page 147]

A thorough understanding and use of key commands [DP7’s Commands Window, Shift-L] is crucial to getting work done quickly in DP.

Many commands are difficult to remember, so you will need to search for them.

Let’s say you’re working in the Conductor Track, experimenting with tempo changes.
You suspect that there must be some keyboard commands relating to tempo operations, but you don’t have those memorized.

Open up the Commands Window, and type ‘tempo’ in the search field.
The first highlighted result is “Scale Tempos…” [from the Region Menu].

This doesn’t help. Now what?

In order to see the next result of your search query, you have two options:

1) keep clicking the search button at the top right of the commands window, leaving your search term ‘tempo’ unchanged.

2) Hold down the Option key while tapping the arrow down/up keys.
This will automatically display the next/previous search result.

A few taps/clicks later the ‘Change Tempo’ command is highlighted within the Conductor Menu group of commands.

Notice that it is unassigned, as are many of the hundreds of commands available.
So if you want to use a keyboard shortcut for the ‘Change Tempo’ command, you will need to assign your own 
keyboard shortcut to accomplish this task.

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