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automating volume and pan on a midi VI track

Posted by on Sep 20, 2009 in midi editing, virtual instruments | 0 comments

In order to send volume and pan changes to your midi VI track, you need to send CC7 for volume and CC10 for pan. Sure, everyone knows that. But if you’re not careful in DP, you may notice that the track does NOT respond to the CC7 and CC10 data you have entered in the Midi Editor or Sequencer Editor window! What causes this? In DP midi tracks, the midi CC data for pan, volume and track mute is still referred to as ‘automation’ data, the same way that ‘automation’ classically refers to things like audio track volume/pan/send levels. And this is managed from the Mixing Board for the tracks involved. Let’s see how this works. In this simple example, I have a DP7 project with only 2 active tracks. One is the Instrument Track which has Kontakt 3.5...

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