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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer

10 steps for basic DP Troubleshooting

Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 in troubleshooting | 0 comments

Whenever you experience weird behavior during DP use–for something that you know was working fine the day before–there are a few basic troubleshooting steps that I recommend before trying anything drastic. [I define something drastic as uninstalling/reinstalling DP, or re-installing OSX] Step 1: Save your project using ‘Save As’, then close DP. Restart DP and open up your Saved As project. Still the same problem? Step 2: Reboot the computer. It amazes me how often rebooting fixes things. [Like all my ilok VIs not being recognized yesterday, for example!] Still the same problem? Step 3: Create a new empty project, and try your problematic operation on fresh audio/midi data. A single track is all you need for this purpose. If the operation works fine on this new project, then something unfortunately got corrupted on your problematic project. If you...

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