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Can’t save presets? Check folder permissions!

Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 in troubleshooting | 2 comments

One week ago, for no reason at all, I suddenly could NOT save any presets from the drop-down box of the Effects window. For example, open up MOTU Dyamics. Choose any preset. Fiddle with the knobs. Try to save that as a new preset. [“Save Settings”] Normally a finder window opens, and you can enter a name for your new preset. But for me, NOTHING happened when I clicked on ‘Save Settings’. No error message. Simply no response. And no response when I tried to ‘Show presets in Finder’. I went through all sorts of troubleshooting steps but could not fix this problem. Then I decided to look at the privileges for the Finder folder where all presets are stored: HD/Library/Audio/Presets I discovered that permissions were set to read only for that folder, even though I had run ‘Repair...

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