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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer

10 steps for basic DP Troubleshooting

Whenever you experience weird behavior during DP use–for something that you know was working fine the day before–there are a few basic troubleshooting steps that I recommend before trying anything drastic.

[I define something drastic as uninstalling/reinstalling DP, or re-installing OSX]

Step 1: Save your project using ‘Save As’, then close DP. Restart DP and open up your Saved As project.
Still the same problem?

Step 2: Reboot the computer.
It amazes me how often rebooting fixes things. [Like all my ilok VIs not being recognized yesterday, for example!]
Still the same problem?

Step 3: Create a new empty project, and try your problematic operation on fresh audio/midi data. A single track is all you need for this purpose.
If the operation works fine on this new project, then something unfortunately got corrupted on your problematic project.
If you did not create serial backups of your project, you can create a new DP project and use the ‘File-Load’ menu to try to save time in rebuilding your project.

Step 4: run Repair Permissions on your OSX system drive inside Disk Utility.
Still the same problem?

Step 5: Navigate in the finder to DP’s preference folder:
MacHD/your user name/Library/Preferenes/Digital Performer™

The filepath for DP Preferences

The filepath for DP Preferences

Move this folder to the desktop. Do not copy it. Move it.
[note the Digital Performer folder without the ‘TM’ ending inside the preferences folder. You may or not have that folder on  your system.
On mine, it simply contains another copy of the ‘Document Templates’ folder, which itself contains the default project templates that come with DP, and have for many versions now…]

Step 6: Navigate in the Finder to: user/Library/Preferences
and move this file to the desktop:      com.motu.digitalperformer.plist

Step 7: Restart DP and open your project.
DP will have to re-examine all of your installed plugins/VIs, since it’s creating all preferences anew.
And you will need to choose your audio output/sound card within DP’s Setup/Configure Audio System menu.
Open your problematic project, and see if the problem behavior is fixed.

The process of rebuilding DP’s preferences will often fix the great majority of problems.
But….what if the problem remains?

Step 8: Close DP.
Move the DP Preference folder and the digitalperformer.plist file back into their original locations, since your original settings were not the cause of the problem.
There’s no sense in rebuilding all of your preferences anew if you don’t have to.

Step 9: In System Preferences, create a new user with Admininstrative Privileges.
Log back into the computer as this new user and open your DP file, to see of the problem remains.

This is one of main troubleshooting techniques that MOTU suggests in their Tech Support correspondence.

Step 10: If step 9 worked for you, or did not–I strongly recommend at this point that you contact MOTU tech support for further instructions.

If creating a new user fixes your problem, then there’s something about your user account that is interfering with DP.
If creating a new user does not fix the problem, then you absolutely need MOTU’s guidance on what to do next.

Also post your problem at Motunation [you did join that awesome forum, didn’t you?!]
You might get some answers to your problem on the same day.

There are some other advanced troubleshooting tips which are more appropriate for their own separate tips, which I will add sometime in the future.

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