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Can’t save presets? Check folder permissions!

One week ago, for no reason at all, I suddenly could NOT save any presets from the drop-down box of the Effects window.
For example, open up MOTU Dyamics. Choose any preset. Fiddle with the knobs. Try to save that as a new preset. [“Save Settings”]

The save settings/presets menu

The save settings/presets menu

Normally a finder window opens, and you can enter a name for your new preset.
But for me, NOTHING happened when I clicked on ‘Save Settings’. No error message. Simply no response.
And no response when I tried to ‘Show presets in Finder’.

I went through all sorts of troubleshooting steps but could not fix this problem.

Then I decided to look at the privileges for the Finder folder where all presets are stored:


I discovered that permissions were set to read only for that folder, even though I had run ‘Repair Permissions’ multiple times!!
Once I changed permissions to ‘read and write’ all was working fine again.

Incorrect permissions can cause various problems during the course of using DP.

I’ve heard of users who can not record audio to disk, or can not save in DP.
Basically, whenever you can not access a file, or can not save a file to a certain folder or hard drive, immediately check the permissions manually.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen ‘Repair Permissions’ fail to do its job–although maybe many of you have experienced this first hand.


  1. I was having the same problem, but more specifically only with MOTU’s MW Equalizer. I did what this guy said, changed the permissions of all three aspects (System, Admin, Everybody) of the Presets folder to read and write, and immediately I could save the EQ setting. Didn’t have to restart or anything. Oddly, the permissions of the MW Equalizer folder were already set that way. (And I didn’t check “apply to enclosed items” in the Presets Get Info window.) Amazing!

    • Hi Rich: Thanks for writing….glad the site helped you! Permissions are sometimes a great mystery. Even more mysterious when ‘Repair Permissions’ does not help and you need to hunt things down manually.

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