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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer


Here are some other web resources with more information about Digital Performer:
Fantastic internet forum dedicated to DP and all MOTU software and hardware.
Since DP is MOTU’s primary software product, the DP subforum has the most posts and is my number one resource when I’m looking for answers.
Join this forum at once! It’s filled with very nice and helpful folks.

Sound on Sound
I think this is the best print magazine in the world geared towards the modern musician/composer using a computer based studio.
For many years they had a section in each issue called DP Notes and Techniques. Now this column appears periodically instead.

Performer Notes
Site set up by Robin Bigwood, the author of Sound on Sound’s long-running DP Notes and Techniques series.
The site has a database of all articles from the series, almost all of which are available for viewing by anyone. The articles
from July 2009 and earlier are freely available for viewing, but the 5 most recent entries require an active SOS subscription.
You really should subscribe to SOS if you don’t already. It’s still a great resource, even though it has less frequent DP coverage than in the past.
The Mothership. Makers of DP and other virtual instruments, as well as numerous audio/midi hardware devices.
They sell an instructional DVD tutorial for DP. I have not used it but I have read positive reviews…
Subscription based tutorial videos for DP, and other ProAudio software titles.

Mac OSX Audio-Digital Performer Forum
A good all-purpose ProAudio software forum community, with many subforums dedicated to various software programs, one of which is DP.
A nice all-purpose resource.