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Help and hints for MOTU Digital Performer

Making DP stop at the end of your sequence

I was working on a cue recently and practicing a piano part when the phone rang.
I forgot to stop playback before walking out of the room, and when I returned, the Playback Wiper was still chugging right along at measure #3575!

Playback not stopping

Playback wiper keeps moving...


I had the end-time of my sequence set at measure 74 in the Chunks window.
I thought this would act as a brick wall and prevent any data entry or playback after measure #74.

Not so.

So what’s the big deal, you’re probably asking.
Just tap the space bar and be done with it.

But it would be nice to not have to babysit DP when I’m doing certain playback/record functions.
Like when doing a real-time bounce of a 5 minute cue, for example.

Instead of being stuck in my chair just so I can hit the stop button when the mixdown recording is done, I could be in the other room trying to keep my screaming kids from beating each other up,
or returning some calls, or checking on the progress of my Crock Pot chili.
[Pinto beans rule. Red Kidney beans are creepy looking–too anatomic].

The way to make this happen is by using Auto Stop on the Transport bar.

Auto Stop Button

When you want DP to stop playback/recording at an exact time

After clicking on Auto Stop [or use the keyboard command number 9 on the numeric keypad–not the number 9 above the letter I–that won’t work!]
you then adjust the start/end times in the Track Overview time ruler:

start and end points

adjust these for your start/stop times

Now whenever the playback wiper reaches your stop point–DP will stop dead in its tracks–in both playback and record modes.

That's more like it!

Problem solved!

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